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Your Questions About Shoes For Women With Flat Feet

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Jenny Your Questions About Shoes For Women With Flat Feet

Jenny asks…

Did women wear flat shoes before the 50s?

Except for gold shoes and saddle shoes, all the examples of women‘s shoes I find from between 1900 and 1950 are high heels (low heels are at least an inch). They even made high heels for women during the war when leather was rationed. Also, the shoes typically had little cushioning, though they were generally better made than modern shoes. Since people walked much more then, didn’t this cause knee and hip problems? My Dad said back in the day, his mother used to walk with him half and hour to the grocery store because it was the 50s and his father had the car. Nowadays, where I live, only very poor women walk to the grocery store.

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Our pick of the answers:

Long answer. Sorry.
When I was young – shoes were made of leather and they had an arch support – with leather soles. The soles wore out fast – we could have a half sole or a full sole and replace the heel.

I remember having my first pair of school shoes that had man made soles. They were very uncomfortable with soles that were stiff and didn’t bend or give much as I walked.

We all wore flat school shoes – flat work shoes and flat play shoes.

Heels were wore daily by housewife’s – along with their house dresses and apron.

My grandmother wore what she called a Cuban Heel – that laced up the front. She wore those her whole life or maybe I should day all the days that I knew her.

I wore heels or black patton baby dolls – for school dances – after graduating I wore heals to work in – shop in.

All toll – I probably wore heels daily for 20 years out of 75 years of my life.

I also went bare foot and pregnant.lol True.

Also true. Every family – was a one car family. We walked everywhere and thought absolutely nothing about walking – even though the car may be parked in the drive. We walked and – I mean – never – asked for a ride.

I cannot remember anyone with knee problems. It seems we began to have an epidemic of knee/joint problems in the 70′s. (Strange to be sure)

I do remember some being turned down to join the military because they had flat feet.

(I might add – it seems as soon as the technology is developed to operate on any part of the human body – then someone has to foot the bill – to pay for the cost of the techno equipment. Guess who pays? Those who are sent for tests and x-ray’s.)

I swear – every time our hospital gets a new piece of equipment – everyone is sent for tests – tests show – an operation or treatment is needed.
Born in 1935. Soon to be 76.
DeeJay. Maybe we wore out our knees – walking and walking.

Donna Your Questions About Shoes For Women With Flat Feet

Donna asks…

Best Value Running Shoe For Female Overpronator?

I am looking into buying some new shoes for CC season, and I was wondering what the best shoe for my feet would be. I am thinking of going and getting my foot sized and fitted into a shoe, but that is a hassle. So if you know of any shoes for a woman that has a flat foot or overpronates, please tell!

Info to know:
Almost Flat footed, not completely
May overpronate while running
Need to be quality shoes for long distance
Good price (<$60)
I have a good shoe now that was at Eastbay for $50, but we can higher it to <$70 or so…just tell me some shoes you think are good for flat feet! icon biggrin Your Questions About Shoes For Women With Flat Feet

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Our pick of the answers:

New balance makes good running shoes for people with flatter feet. They have a pretty decent XC shoe, RX-505 it should be fine for races. For training the 767 are a good value
I over-pronate mildly and brooks have also been a good brand for me. The adrenaline series are good as well as the radius.
Saucony is also a good brand, the kilkennyXC2 are good for races and the trigons are good everyday running shoes

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