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Your Questions About Shoes For Women With Flat Feet

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Sandra Your Questions About Shoes For Women With Flat Feet

Sandra asks…

What kind of shoes that I must wear?

there are so many kind of women shoes and all I need just one that can fit with long dress or short dress. But I want comfortable shoe bcs the party will be held more than 3 hours and I’m a crew, so of course I’ll busy at the party

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Our pick of the answers:

Comfortable shoes that goes with short & long dress that can worn for a lot longer time?

For that, I would reccomend skimmer flats with thicker soles or slight low heel preferable in a shiny material – vegan or pure leather shiny leather for example in a color that blends with your skintone or in a dark neutral if you prefer wearing tights alot.
Skimmer is a ballerina style. They looks more like more like pumps and usually a have a 0.5 to 1.5″ chunky square heel.


Depending on the arch of your feet, flats with a low heel tends to be more healthier for your feet than a completly flat shoe.
If you have small/narrow feets you could choose the pointed version of the flats. They give a more elongating effect than rounded toe and little bit dressier. But personally, I dont find these very comfortable unless 7ou wear nylon socks/trouser or cushion pads with them, because push your toes together which can be uncomfortable depending on how narrow or wide your feets are.

There are shoes like loafers and sperry’s but these are casual so they are not the best choices for parties but they are great for everyday wear walking shoes!

Another great pair of flats are the patent mary jane flats.


They give a more youthful, innocent vibe though so if you are not a young adult they might come off a bit childrish looking. I personally love this style. Ive a pair that are in a athletic material for everyday wear that Ive been wearing for 4 years and they’re still good condition.

If you want to wear heels and comfortable wearing heels alot, get a pair with sturdy but slim heel like the cuban or wedge heels in a shiny leather material. As for heel height, choose a height that you know you can walk in a couple of hours. For me, my limit is a 2.5 inch if Im gonna wear them for 3 hours or so. Heels with platform or straps give more comfort and are more comfortable. My personal favorite are the heeled shooties/ankle booties (shoe + boots + heel) but they dont look good with long dresses!
# Cuban heeled pumps (Cuban is a chunky heel style)



# Dressy Wedge Heels



# Platform heels https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS2DDIhqAj0q7rYT7pB756Cgt0JGjaBwdQz7K18HsdtKqux2jgdGg (notice the toe is thicker on this one? It has a platform)
# Heels with straps https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcToOcA3q-yyWhlWsd0c5fyxpZKhY98TlzDEYjGulz9SBUaHkDcs

Anyway, Hope it Helped!

Ruth Your Questions About Shoes For Women With Flat Feet

Ruth asks…

What are the best WALKING shoes for people with flat feet?

I have very flat feet and have been wanting to get back into a regular walking routine (at least 1 hour per day, but possibly three or four or more). I am looking for shoes specifically designed for walking because even if I’m not at the gym, I like walking around the mall or NYC.

I want specific brands and model names.


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Our pick of the answers:

Back a million years ago when I was in school, I was a national standard race-walker. I always found that Reebok shoes were good for walking because the degree of flexibility of the sole helps support and stride length. They have a nice page on their website where they offer information on women’s shoes for walking. These look good http://www.reebok.com/US/women/#easytone-reenew.

Just to show that I’m not working for Reebok, they’re not in my top three brands for running shoes.

Good luck.

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