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Your Questions About Stilettos Bar

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Mary Your Questions About Stilettos Bar

Mary asks…

Is it okay to wear flats to a club event?

The dress code is formal. Does that mean I HAVE to wear heels?

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Stilettos Bar

Our pick of the answers:

Club event, as in going clubbing right? I’m guessing dancing will be involved. Not to mention long lines at the bar. In which case, ABSOLUTELY okay to wear flats to a club event. Comfy, cute flats can be just as fashionable as a pair of stilettos. Only, your feet won’t hate you at the end of the night.

Donna Your Questions About Stilettos Bar

Donna asks…

What was some of the main things happening in the 1940′s & 50′s?

I am writing a book and it takes place in this area…..I know world war 2. but anything else? I need something besides that….

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Stilettos Bar

Our pick of the answers:

Aside from World War Two and the Korean War there was the hysteria in America of Communist Witch Hunts as thousands of American citizens were jailed, barred from employment harrassed etc … There was also the struggle in America for equality for all citizens especially those denounced for the color of their skin. Amidst this chaos, though was an age of prosperity in America, and in certain places such as California the late 40 s into the 5os was a Golden Age…

Gonna throw timelines at you and let you sort them out….




Good cultural site for America


This one will give you fashion for the 50 s


“”The United States had emerged victorious from another bitter war. Television was now in many households, and the TV culture of I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners reflected ideals of the time. Stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and Elvis Presley introduced a smoldering sex appeal into an age of conservatism.

Consumerism became a popular pastime in the 1950s, as the post-war boom provided a sense of economic optimism. New gadgets and gizmos proclaimed the future was here and liberated women from many onerous household tasks. Homemaking, it seemed, was not so bad when you had electric stoves, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, and the like. Women could now concentrate on making a comfortable home for their families, and still have time to have a life outside of the kitchen.

The constant rounds of barbecues, cocktail parties, and other social events all required dressing up. Christian Dior’s ‘New Look’ influenced fashion, but so did the conservative elegance of Coco Chanel. Charles Jourdan introduced a new kind of shoe style, the stiletto heel, in 1951. As time went on the goal was for the slimmest possible heel, eliminating earlier “chunky” styles. The pump was the basic shoe, but its toes might be cut, the vamps curved or cut in enticing ‘V’s, or the heels molded into a variety of shapes. Every color of the rainbow was used; shoes were intended to match an outfit perfectly”"

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