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Your Questions About Womens Shoes Cheap

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Laura Your Questions About Womens Shoes Cheap

Laura asks…

Any stylish yet comfortable and supporting shoes I can wear?

I have always worn plain flats and pretty much the cheaper shoes that really have no arch in them at all and by the end of the day my feet are killing me.
MY style is pretty casual, I am looking for a stylish yet comfortable shoe to wear everyday with anything. I had a few people tell me to invest in a pair of Nikes, but I don’t know one thing about shoes. I have found a few pairs of Nikes that I like but I can not find them anywhere and in the description of them it does not explain how comfortable they are or anything. I want a pair of shoes that I can wear with a sweater, tank top, and leggings. (That is pretty much what I wear all the time).
I really like how these sort of Nikes look.
So, if anyone has any recommendations just let me know please, and please link a website or whatever where I can find them.
If anyone can send me a link or even the name of what the shoes in the photo are called that would be a great help!

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Our pick of the answers:

I think those are an older version. I think they dont sell those anymore.
I have the Nike Flex and I love it! So comfortable. The link below is all the shoes Nike is currently selling


Linda Your Questions About Womens Shoes Cheap

Linda asks…

What are some good but undiscovered Online Shopping Sites?

I’m not looking for the obvious ebay etc. I’m mean any sites that sell clothing shoes hats etc but really cheap. Also, are there any good sites that sell “Hard to find items”?

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Womens Shoes Cheap

Our pick of the answers:

Hi! I am a huge bargain hunter, so I am constantly researching the best prices, most of which can be found online. Most of my experience is in clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. But I don’t know much about hard-to-find items. As far as clothing shopping goes, here are some of my favorite sites, mostly “sample sale” sites where you can find super discounted clothing (mens and womens) and many of these sites sell random items, furniture, and even vacation packages…I think those are new additions. You need an invitation to some of them (silly, I know,) so I am posting my personal invitation link here instead of the main website (the main website will just tell you you need an invitation). I actually visit them every day religiously at noon-when most of the sales start-because things tend to sell out super fast. Enjoy! icon smile Your Questions About Womens Shoes Cheap





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