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Your Questions About Womens Shoes On Sale

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Sandra Your Questions About Womens Shoes On Sale

Sandra asks…

Where can I buy quality ankle boots at a good price?

I really want to get quality ankle boots, preferably with a small heel in them.

I’m not willing to spend more than $40 on a pair, and I’d preferably like to stay around th $20-30 area.

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Our pick of the answers:

Try modcloth http://www.modcloth.com/store/ModCloth/Womens/Shoes
They have a lot of cool stuff and though they aren’t all in the $30-40 range, they are often on sale!!

Nancy Your Questions About Womens Shoes On Sale

Nancy asks…

What should I buy when I go school shopping?

At the end of the summer I am going to shop with my friend for school shopping. I don’t know what to buy?

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Our pick of the answers:

Buy cute clothes that are school appropriate(: I recommend Kohl’s, Maurice’s, and Buckle first off(:

You need about 4-5 shirts, and 5-6 pants/jeans. Depending on where you live, styles and what’s ‘in’ will vary.

You also need at least one pair of shoes, probably tennis shoes for gym, etc. I recommend Nike Flex, or Nike Free 5.0. If you can’t afford Frees, Flex is still a good shoes and it’s cheaper.

You want to get outfits that look good together, so getting jeans is a good option because they go with anything. Anything denim is in right now, vests too!

Some ideas:




Jeans: Really Easy, American Eagle has my favorite jeans, they fit perfect! Miss Me jeans are nice too though, so if you have enough cash, get a pair(: White jeans are classy!



Tennis Shoes: The most important shoe! Get this before you consider getting the extras below(:







Extras: If you wear earrings or jewelry, consider getting some that matches(: Makeup is a plus in small amounts.

You can expect clothes shopping for school to cost about $600-900, depending on what you get.
–It only costs me about 400 because I buy clothes throughout the year for next year, so the biggest chunk for me is shoes.

P.S. During the summer, winter/fall clothes are on sale, vice versa.(;

The best time to buy boots(Uggs/ biker boots) is in spring/summer, along with Sperrys

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