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Your Questions About Womens Shoes Size 12

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Mandy Your Questions About Womens Shoes Size 12

Mandy asks…

How to make do with shoes that are a bit too big?

See, I like these rainboots. But Europe is being stupid (no offense Europeans) and they made their size 44 equal US Womens 12. THREE sizes too big. THREE. So, how to fit in them without flapping around like an idiot, if it’s even possible?

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Our pick of the answers:

There is probably no way to make them fit but this works for shoes that are usually 1 size bigger so it is worth a shot.

1. Buy Dr. Schools pads and put them in the shoe
2. Put cotton in the toe area


Hope this helps!

Maria Your Questions About Womens Shoes Size 12

Maria asks…

What accessories (shoes, jewelry, etc.) would look good with my dress for my 21st?

For my 21st (on Saturday) I am going to be wearing this dress
(sorry for bad quality, had no one around to take a better pic)

And am hoping on advice on what accessories to wear with it.

– My budget is very minimal, am hoping to just be buying the shoes and maybe jacket (~$50-$100)

– I only really wear dresses on special occasions, am usually just wearing a loose top or cardigan and jeans

Size: 14-16 in tops (size 10-12 US), and size 12 in bottoms (8 US)

– Shoe size is 9-10 (10.5-11 US)

– Because of above I haven’t worn heels that much in life, would something like wedges be okay??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Our pick of the answers:

You might try pairing it with a silky wrap, over the shoulders and arms, like the picture below and a long gold necklace with a bit of ivory and gold bulk. Small dangle earrings, no more an 1.5″ long and a wide blue bracelet on one arm for a pop of color. Small gold wedge sandals, but nothing that has a strap around the ankle. It will make your legs look choppy.

Just play around with your outfit and have fun with it! And your hair up in a loose bun with just a touch of bling would be perfect!






Hope I was at least able to give you some ideas!

Have fun!

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