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Your Questions About Womens Shoes Size 13

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Helen Your Questions About Womens Shoes Size 13

Helen asks…

Do they have a size 11 and a half or just 11 in rocket dogs?

I am a 13 year old girl and I am flatfooted and I just wanted to know if there will be my size in rocket dogs.If not does any body have any other suggestions other then converse for flat footed people??
My bad the catogory is supposes to be fashion

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Our pick of the answers:

Half sizes for womens’ shoes usually stop at 9.5. That said, size 12 is not usually a whole size up from size 11 (the way size 7 is a whole size up from 6) so if you haven’t tried the 12 but think 11.5 might work, give the 12 a shot if you can find it.

Other suggestions would be Born/BOC as they come in a huge range of sizes with good support. Not all the styles are likely to appeal to a 13 year old, but there are some cute ones. Some Mudd styles also have good support and will be closer to Rocket Dog in terms of style.

Ruth Your Questions About Womens Shoes Size 13

Ruth asks…

where can i get shoes in big sizes?

I’m a size 13 and i can’t find boots in that size, winter is coming up, is there a place (possibly online) where i can get nice ones?

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Our pick of the answers:

You could check at…









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